1 July 2013

Pregnancy update: 8 weeks

How far along?  8 weeks today! 
Baby Size: A grape/kidney bean.
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure but I will update after our appointment with our new OB on Wednesday.
Maternity clothes?  Not yet but I have ordered some cute things on ASOS... Couldn't resist!
Stretch marks?  No. 
Sleep: Still loving my sleep but I'm over my hips hurting so much through the night. I think a body pillow will be a purchase very soon!
Symptoms: Tired ( I've had at least an hour long nap each day), breasts are tender and growing (exciting for this small chested gal!), peeing all the time, hungry, MOODY (poor Dan), emotional (this week I cried at a Nescafe ad and a lemon because it reminded me of my Nanna...), skin breakouts, some nausea but only occasionally, hip pain, possible round ligament pain but I need to check with our doctor on this...

Best moment this week:  Reaching 8 weeks! 
Have you told family and friends:  No one new. We are waiting until the second trimester to tell anyone else. 
Miss Anything?  Not a thing!
Movement:  Not yet but I just cannot wait!
Food cravings: Hot chocolate/hot cocoa, hamburgers, fruit, today I have been longing for a piece of chocolate cake or a chocolate biscuit. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Yes. Cooking dinner the other night but I battled through! The smell or thought of soy, deep fried foods and others but they have slipped my mind!
Have you started to show yet: Not really but I think my stomach is growing.
Gender prediction:  I am still team pink although I do wonder if my huge appetite means a boy?
Labor Signs: No although the round ligament/weird abdominal pains are off putting
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Moody! :-(
Looking forward to: Our OB appointment on Wednesday! I am so, so nervous and excited all at once about this. I just want to see a healthy baby on that ultrasound with a beautiful beating heart. I admit to really getting nothing done today... I just want to keep myself busy before Wednesday so I took myself manchester shopping! 
Baby buys: I found an organic baby wear sale on my walk last Friday, ah the joys of living in the inner-city! Daniel and I went back later and found some cute basic things like sleeping bags and little onsies. We did say that we weren't going to buy anything until after 20 weeks this time but I don't feel it's necessary to hold back anymore.  No more clothing now until we know the sex - our child will be dressed exclusively in cream, white or grey otherwise! 

Not such a great photo but next week I will have our DSLR mastered! I think you can see an increase between last week and this week... Excuse the unmade bed! 


  1. Crazy to think your baby is only the size of a kidney bean... that's teeny tiny!

  2. I love the photos and weekly updates xoxo


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